Q&A a Day for Writers: My Ideal Writing Conditions

Todayʻs post will be my last daily post. I really wanted to try out something new by attempting consecutive days and after nine (and whew, has it been hard), I have decided that I will be doing posts twice a week (starting next week). I would like to have more time to create thoughtful pieces and or do a little more research for you all. Thank you so much for sticking with me so far!

The prompt: E.B. White said “ a writer who waits for the ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” And although White has a point, describe your ideal conditions.

My ideal conditions are pretty simple. Letʻs do this one as a list!

  1. To start – I would most definitely prefer writing on a computer/laptop (for my blog). I have written posts on my phone and iPad before, but it doesnʻt feel as good as typing on a keyboard.
  2. Music would be playing – Any music that Iʻm interested in at the time, but if I need a lot more concentration – classical for sure.
  3. A drink would be next to me – whether, itʻs coffee, tea, water, energy drink, juice, whatever – just not alcohol (I donʻt think I can drink and write, although that may prove to be a really good test)
  4. Comfort – I would need to be comfortable. It could be comfy clothes, a comfy chair, cool air. Sometimes I need to take a shower before sitting down to write, it would depend on my mood. I think itʻs super important to be in a good physical space to get you into a good mental space which leads me to number five.
  5. Good mental space – Writing while in a good mental space allows your ideas to flow freely. When I say good mental space, I do mean just the space for writing. Sometimes the saddest and angriest people write such beautiful things, controlled by their emotion of course.
  6. Time – This one is probably the most important to me. If I need to rush, itʻs not gonna be my best. I re-read and re-read and edit and re-read again and edit so many times to get a near-perfect piece or paper. Which is why, I am choosing to lessen the amount of posts to twice a week. I want more time to write better content for you all.

These six things really influence whether or not what I am writing is my best. We all have ideal conditions in which we work on our hobbies and talents.

What are your ideal conditions for doing what you love?

Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl

Q & A Day for Writers: Why do you write?

Hello again!

Although I do have plans to write in other categories and on other topics for my blog, I did want to start a new series this year. This series is inspired from the Q&A a Day for Writers book, which is a 1-year journal published by Clarkson Potter. There are simple prompts for each day of the year to encourage more writing. If you wanted to check it out, click here.

Todayʻs question is “Why do you write? What does it do for you?”

What a great question, right? Why do I write?

I write for myself. It doesnʻt bother me if my audience is small or no one reads through the entire post. I like to let my words out on “paper”. Writing means so much more to me because I can take time to think about what I am trying to convey, I can erase something that doesnʻt make sense, and I can continue to re-read what I wrote.

I do have friends and family who have suggested I vlog as well, but here’s the thing. I like to talk on camera, sure, but thereʻs just something about reading words that I feel more emotional with and not as compelled by listening/seeing someone talk. It might be because in a video there are other distractions. If you wanted to read something, you would read it (and thereʻs only words!).

Writing is a release. Ask any writer, that would be the cliché answer for sure. Writing something good is like reading a really good book. You can get lost in it for a bit. Now I’m not talking about writing a research paper, that is different from writing for fun (although, I donʻt mind research papers either). This is the kind of writing I like. I pick a topic or am inspired by an event or person(s) and just kind of dive in.

I take pride in a good post or paper (even paragraphs, hello texting haha). It reminds me why I like to read and why I like to learn. It inspires me to reach farther and expand my mind.

If you are a writer, what does writing do for you? If you are not a writer, but you find yourself here reading my blog, does my love for writing and reading equate to another project or hobby you love just as much? What is it?

Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl