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  • Taking a Break: Itʻs Time to Unplug
    Happy Monday! I wanted to say first and foremost, I am so sorry for missing last Thursday. Last week was a little rough for me (an emotional roller coaster) and my motivation was low and sitting in front of my laptop to write was not coming naturally to me. Todayʻs post is about taking a break. When you feel like youʻre drowning in negativity, work, terrible perceptions of self, personal relationships etc, itʻs a good idea to take a break. The first thing is to define what taking a break means for you. It could be taking time off ofContinue reading “Taking a Break: Itʻs Time to Unplug”
  • Loving your Body
    Last week I was posting on my Instagram page about how I needed to stop comparing myself to other women that I see online. I need to apologize to myself for consistently doing this. I end up feeling really badly about my weight gain and acne breakouts and it really puts me down. I know that a lot of people have this same problem. We always see ourselves as lesser than because we see this perfect person on social media. It is so destructive to our own identities. Iʻve been working on this, but here are the two things IʻveContinue reading “Loving your Body”
  • Drawing the Line: Toxic Positivity
    Letʻs talk about something I only learned about this week. Yes, only this week I learned the name for a feeling Iʻve been questioning very recently: Toxic positivity. Toxic Positivity can be defined as being/trying to stay constantly happy in bad situations. The reason this has been weighing on my conscience is because Iʻve been becoming increasingly interested in the self-help books and social media accounts. In the back of my head, I will read or watch something and say things to myself like “okay, but what if it really is bad? We canʻt just will happiness into existence inContinue reading “Drawing the Line: Toxic Positivity”