Q & A Day for Writers: Why do you write?

Hello again!

Although I do have plans to write in other categories and on other topics for my blog, I did want to start a new series this year. This series is inspired from the Q&A a Day for Writers book, which is a 1-year journal published by Clarkson Potter. There are simple prompts for each day of the year to encourage more writing. If you wanted to check it out, click here.

Todayʻs question is “Why do you write? What does it do for you?”

What a great question, right? Why do I write?

I write for myself. It doesnʻt bother me if my audience is small or no one reads through the entire post. I like to let my words out on “paper”. Writing means so much more to me because I can take time to think about what I am trying to convey, I can erase something that doesnʻt make sense, and I can continue to re-read what I wrote.

I do have friends and family who have suggested I vlog as well, but here’s the thing. I like to talk on camera, sure, but thereʻs just something about reading words that I feel more emotional with and not as compelled by listening/seeing someone talk. It might be because in a video there are other distractions. If you wanted to read something, you would read it (and thereʻs only words!).

Writing is a release. Ask any writer, that would be the cliché answer for sure. Writing something good is like reading a really good book. You can get lost in it for a bit. Now I’m not talking about writing a research paper, that is different from writing for fun (although, I donʻt mind research papers either). This is the kind of writing I like. I pick a topic or am inspired by an event or person(s) and just kind of dive in.

I take pride in a good post or paper (even paragraphs, hello texting haha). It reminds me why I like to read and why I like to learn. It inspires me to reach farther and expand my mind.

If you are a writer, what does writing do for you? If you are not a writer, but you find yourself here reading my blog, does my love for writing and reading equate to another project or hobby you love just as much? What is it?

Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl


  1. b says:

    I feel I can understand your perspective and why you write. I think you want to express yourself authentically and be understood accurately. Your writing mindset seems youthful and eager for something more like knowledge, wisdom, and experience.
    When I write, it had always been like a journal or a diary for the secrets and confessions. Using my voice to express my writing would hit or miss when people listened, so I stopped sharing my voice as much. My drawings don’t say enough so I only draw when I can’t find the words.
    I would wonder if you were heard enough as a younger person because comedians and musicians usually crave validation from people for what they have to say, so I would assume something similar when it comes to writers. That’s how it is for me. I admire the reason you write and I hope you get some positive reinforcements to encourage your continued writing. I admire that writing is an exploration for you, because its such a last-resort/saving-grace for me. When I explore, I listen. I consume so many podcasts each week and I love music. I need to read more, I’m making an effort towards it. I hope writing continues to be important to you as a form of expression, because at the end of the day, what matters most is what you have to say and the story you have to tell.
    Take care, happy new year. Looking forward to your posts on this blog!

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    1. Thank you so much, b! I appreciate your insight into this post. This does make sense and it really validates it for me when someone else repeats it back to me. I would say yes, my writing usually is geared towards knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Iʻm not too sure if I wasn’t listened to as much as a young child, but maybe I just didn’t have the right words to properly express myself (vocally). I think writing does that for me in my adult life.

      As for your own expression, I think that although writing is a last resort/saving grace, its still extremely valid. There is no one way or reason to share your thoughts. I also think the hit or miss for you doesn’t mean anything about you as a person, but rather maybe the audience is just the wrong ones. There will always be a place for your inspiration and art in the world.

      Thank you for sharing. I appreciate you.

      -Curly Island Girl


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