What’s in my purse?

How fun is this post going to be?! Nah, maybe no one actually cares, haha. Thatʻs okay if you skim over this one. I knew it would be fun and lighthearted and thatʻs exactly what I needed after yesterdayʻs post.

I just carefully laid out everything from my purse (backpack) on my bed and snapped a photo. I usually use a rather large leather tote from the same designer/small business as my backpack, but with not working right now, I donʻt need such a big purse.

Lets talk about the contents:

  1. The black backpack with the teal ʻawapuhi (ginger) flowers are from Cay and Col. It holds quite a bit of things, as you can see, and I really love how medium sized it is. Itʻs perfect for me right now. I also want to say that this is a small, woman, and Black owned business! She is amazing at what she does.
  2. The olive green ʻawapuhi pouch also comes from Cay and Col. I really love this print! Within this pouch are the contents:
    • Pacifica underarm wipes – these are aluminum free and for the occasional times where I need a re-up of deodorant
    • My Saalt menstrual cup – in case I get my period while I am out and about! (kinda like carrying around extra tampons/pads)
    • Tylenol and Advil – evidently, I am asked pretty often if I am carrying any sort of pain reliever, I rarely ever take them myself lol
    • Victoriaʻs Secret Bombshell perfume roller ball – my favorite all day scent
    • Extra liners and intimate wipes – for the days I’m out for hours and feel like I need to refresh
  3. The bright green pouch (on the left) is a Clinique pouch from a friend who had a beauty subscription. The contents within this pouch are:
    • Eclipse gum – no one likes stinky breath, also it curbs the appetite, haha
    • Alcohol wipes from Daiso – in case I need to wipe something or my devices
    • Pens – this is the single most “adult” thing to have in your purse! I canʻt tell you how many times you need a pen and never have one. I now carry a few in case I ever need to sign something.
    • Bath and Body Works lotion – my legs and arms are actually quite dry as compared to my oily face
    • Oil blotting sheets – for my oily face, which is often needed
    • Victoriaʻs Secret Tease perfume roller ball – my second favorite VS scent
    • A jumpdrive – you know, Iʻm not entirely sure why I have this in my purse, but it could possibly come in handy
    • Līlīkoʻi tea – this tea does not need any sugar, and is super delicious cold or hot
    • Reusable straw – need I say more?
  4. The black and floral velvet smaller pouch was from Target! The contents in this pouch are:
    • Anker portable charger – I swear by this brand! Itʻs really good and this one specifically has 20,100 mAH and two USB ports (for multiple device charging). It charges my phone from less than 20% battery life to full about 5-6 times before dying. For my Hawaiʻi peeps, Amazon will not ship it to us and I am not too sure what stores may carry it, but here is the link in case youʻre interested in the specs
    • Mini USB and iPhone lightning cords as well as a couple of power bases – for the portable charger and in case I am in an area with an outlet
  5. Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes spray hand sanitizer. Letʻs all be responsible and stay clean when there is no available sink.
  6. Lastly, my Kumumea wallet (no, I will not show you what is inside lol). This is a Hawaiian and small business brand. The owner is the sweetest woman and is a cancer survivor. This is her Hiapo waterproof leather wallet.

I know this blog post might not be what you were looking to see today, but if you stayed this long, thank you! Again, this was a fun and lighthearted post. What do you carry around with you?

Thank you for the continued support so far this year!

Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl