It’s the Little Things…

I am finding that the little things I do to help me stay happy are so incredibly important for my mental health.

My goal today is to set specific days and times to write something. Anything. Whether it be a blog post (short or long) or a little blurb in one of my many writing journals. I may even be okay with writing something creative on my phone notes! This is part of my little self-help I’m giving myself in order to keep me grounded.

With all the stress that comes with my job, helping my sister stay focused in school, and paying bills, yet trying to have fun, I’ve decided that anything I can do, small or big, to keep me and the people around me happy.

Wanna know what I’ve done so far?

1. I’m prepping to make little finals “survival” kits for my sister’s cohort. Their finals begins today, and I really hope they do well and be successful! These are our future doctors. We should mālama them. I got them some stress relief/fidget toys off of Amazon (just something small to mess around with while studying or feeling extra stressed). My work donated some of our promo items, like hand sanitizers and stress balls as well. I’ll put some snacks, candies, and homemade no-bake energy bars!

2. I set up both a reading and writing schedule today! What I have down is every Tuesday at 10-10:30PM and Saturday at 9-10AM I have set aside time to write. (Look forward to that!) My reading schedule is every Thursday at 9:30-10:30PM and Sundays at 9-10AM. I’m excited to start reading again. I feel like I needed to set a schedule to make sure I do it. It’s kinda like taking a class, it’s set every week for whatever date and time. I hope I don’t miss any!!!

3. I have resorted to putting stress relief items on my work desk. I have a couple of pictures up of my siblings and my husband. I have a small diffuser set up. I also have my stress relief sprays and smells from bath & body works. Recently, I’ve kept a couple of stress balls and a little toy to mess with on those conference calls that give me lots of anxiety.

4. I leave a blanket and house slippers at my desk as well. It makes it feel very homely. But also because the AC gets so cold where my desk is.

5. I tried my best to finish up my Christmas shopping earlier because I haven’t been very good with my money lately… but I feel so good having bought what I needed (I hope i didn’t miss anyone!!!). It’s also a goal of mine to pay off my credit card before I go home for New Years.

6. I am intermittent fasting because I want to keep my weight down. It’s working too, so that’s nice!!! With all the holiday events, I am definitely consuming a lot of food. I drink tea in the mornings (no sugar ever, I’m good with plain tea!), cold-brew with creamer in the afternoons, and water throughout the day.

7. I decorated the house with my husband. It’s so colorful and festive and I’m really happy this Christmas season.

8. We will be taking a trip back home for New Years, and I cannot be more excited. I need to spend quality time with my family (especially my siblings).

9. I take the time every Sunday night to prep our meals for the week. These are just our lunches that we take every day. I know lots of people always say that they have no time, and I’m sure they are very busy people, but I swear! The relief you feel each day knowing you don’t have to wonder what you’re eating for lunch at work or school is the best feeling ever.

You see? I am doing everything I can to just make me feel better, in even the smallest ways possible. What do you guys do to get yourself on a good healthy path? Whether it’s mental, physical, spiritual etc.

Enlighten me.

Happy curl, happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl