The “Local-Boy” Syndrome

*Disclaimer: This is not an actual syndrome or an actual diagnosis. It is simply a way of describing the interactions with local boys from Hawaiʻi, whether they are positive or negative. enjoy.

The local-boy syndrome is present everywhere in Hawaiʻi. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. There is discussion with both the positive and negatives of this particular syndrome. Here is a little list to give you an idea of what it means to say, “ohhhh, he get local boy syndrome.”

Ehhh, the not so good things:

  • When he bring his boys over, play games, get rowdy, and spill beer everywhere
  • He leave the toilet seat up
  • He sees you from across the street, throws some shaka’s, and yells, “sup behbeh girl!”
  • “What, you like oof?” is in his daily vocabulary
  • He eats all your food
  • When he shoot you one word texts, “raj”, “k den”
  • Mumbling “k, love you” when in front his boys
  • Tells you to come over and hang out, but he sits on his phone
  • Treats you too much like one of the boys
  • Affection is not his strong suit
  • Instead of going out, he asks, “like go cruise?”
  • When they only drive lifted Toyota’s or souped up Honda’s
  • He calls you “brah” instead of “babe”
  • Always grouchy (uncle status)
  • When they rag on you in front of their friends, then say “I was only playing”
  • Tell you, “why you spend so much money on things?” but they spend just as much on their cars/trucks
  • They tell no need sunscreen, but they peeling and burnt for a week straight (and they tell they sore)
  • Hardhead, “no need instructions”
  • They take all the bed or the blanket
  • When they make like they related to someone famous in the islands


The better side of the syndrome:

  • He respects the aunty’s and uncle’s
  • He helps cook the food for family parties
  • Even if he isn’t as big or strong as he would like to be, his attitude/confidence helps to defeat the odds (local boy confidence)
  • He introduces you as his “old lady” (slang for my girl, wife, girlfriend)
  • Automatically helps break down after parties
  • when you bring him around family, he kisses everyone hi
  • At family functions, he won’t eat until you eat first
  • When you feel uncomfortable with people they ask “why you like me lick um” (fight)
  • He’s not shame kissing you in front everyone
  • Always checking up on you when you’re out together
  • When he asks, “like me make you one plate?”
  • Charges your phone in his car when it’s dying
  • When you first start dating and he takes you to meet his family
  • He spends a lot of money on you
  • When he opens your beer for you when you no more bottle opener
  • He kills the cockroaches!!!!!! (B-52’s!)
  • When you’re not feeling good and he takes care of you
  • He gives you his jacket when you’re cold or its raining
  • When he offers to get the car so you don’t have to walk in the rain or drops you off at the entrance so you don’t get wet
  • He remembers what you don’t like and like
  • When he got the connections (ex. my aunty work for so and so..)
  • Always willing to help when can (macgyver/Jack of All Trades)
  • Takes payments in food (grilled cheese)
  • He attempts to cuddle, even if it’s too hot


Everyone has their own preferences, maybe some of the bullet points belong in a different category, but for my friends and I (Tynsl and Jana!!!) they lean into these categories. It’s not bad, it’s not good, its just “local boy” syndrome.