Bringing in the New Year

Has anyone noticed my new blog layout? I worked hard on it, and eventually, Iʻm hoping to upgrade soon.

Some changes I have made this year already is more writing, more reading, and more tidying.

My writing hasn’t been shown on my blog as proof, but I have written every day. I bought the Q + A for Writers journal. Every day there is a new prompt to inspire creativity in my life and to help me start writing stories again. All inspiring writers should buy this! Its a daily journal with creative prompts to answer. My husband and I have also been completing a daily journal as well and we have been keeping up with it (I am very proud of him). Its called Our Q + A a Day and its a 3 year journal. As the years go by you can see how your answers change.

I’ve been trying to read and complete The 5 love Languages and it’s been a good read. I went to Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago with a friend and I left with books for a cousin and a book for myself. I picked up a book by Ellen Hopkins. When I complete it I may write a post about it. I’m sure it will spark a blog post and some sort of conversation.

Lastly, yes, I have started tidying! Yes, it’s because Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. I keep saying to myself, “Does this bring me joy?” LOL. This weekend I fully plan on going through my closet and using her methods. My best friend moved into her own place with her boyfriend and there are donation bins for the needy at her condo. So I would like to donate some stuff (of course she will go through my pile first, haha).

I hope you are all doing wonderful things for yourself! Feel blessed and be happy.


Happy 2019!


Happy curl, happy girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl