What Controls You?

I had a conversation a couple of days ago with my coworker about food. She was on a 24 hour fast, and I was eating lunch and asking her if she felt hungry. She told me no, and the next day she came in and said she has extended her fast for 96 hours. Of course, I told her she was crazy, because I love to eat. We went outside to take a break and she continued to tell me how great she felt. She explained to me that this year she had decided to not let other people control the way she felt about herself and about her life, but she said it was so fitting that she decided to not let food control her during the fast.

She said she didn’t need to eat, because she wasn’t hungry. Everything she did revolved around eating and it was refreshing for her to remove that part from her day for a bit.

This got me thinking about my own life and what controls how I’m feeling. I’ve seen this post going around on social media about not letting one thing ruin your day by mistakenly festering on a small problem. Just to be completely honest, I’m going to list here the things that negatively control me right now as well:

  1. Vaping
  2. Work
  3. Over-eating/not eating healthy
  4. Making my own money (and over-spending)
  5. Laziness/Lack of motivation

These are probably the 5 most controlling aspects of my life that make me unhealthy both physically and mentally. My excuse is always just saying I’ll start tomorrow, it’ll get better, or it could never get to that. Until I look in the mirror and see that it’s gotten to that point.

I’m working on it. I’m working on being a better me. I want to put more passion into what I do. I want to be healthier, so I can be happier! Isn’t that what we all want? Take some time to reflect on the negative things that control how you feel, how you react, and how you live.

Happy curl, happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl