A Summation of Undergrad

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about school. I miss it. I’m actually thinking about grad school now (even if I have no idea what school, what program, what degree I want to go for). I think this is swimming it’s way up to the surface because I am itching to learn. I miss school.

Undergrad for me was fantastic. Let’s start from my senior year of high school. I applied and was accepted to three schools in Oregon: University of Oregon, Oregon State, and Portland State University. I wanted so badly to attend a college on the continental U.S. It became too expensive and my plan had not been thought completely through, which meant I needed to attend Hawai’i Community College. It was too late in the year to apply to University of Hawai’i at Hilo, so HawCC was my last and only choice.

Boy, was that the best decision ever. Staying home meant saving money (I had scholarships and grants to cover my entire 2 and a half years at HawCC). It also meant I had time to figure out my major. HawCC taught me a lot about life in higher education. I learned a lot about my community and a lot about Hawai’i, which only peaked my interest even more. My 2.5 years in community college led me into English.

I loved to read and write (more reading than anything), so how could I not just choose English? It was time to transfer to UH Hilo, but I still had no idea what I was doing, so English seemed like the most logical choice. I transferred in the middle of the year (spring semester) and took a couple of required courses for UH Hilo and my first English course. Intensive Writing Multicultural Literature. It was amazing and I knew from that first day, that English was gonna be my major.

I made so many amazing friends. Our department was small, small enough where all English majors (and minors) knew each other. It was easy to grow close, easy to study with each other, and easy to learn together. As long as we helped each other, it was doable and we all passed each class (yay us!). It took me 2 and a half more years to graduate with my B.A. in English. Along the way, I became interested in anthropology (specifically Pacific Island studies, I didn’t know there was a certificate for this! I would have took more classes to obtain that) and decided that it would be my minor to fulfill the 120 credits needed to graduate. In my senior year of undergrad, I also picked up another minor, Gender & Women’s Studies (GWS), because most the of courses I took for English and Anthropology could be counted towards GWS.

My most memorable year was senior year. I worked as a General Editor for Hohonu, UH Hilo’s student-run academic journal (my paper was also published in this). I learned so much during this year and I grew even fonder of my English major classmates. I also wrote and was published in our literary magazine as well, called Kanilehua, several times. I attended launch parties, dinners, Relay for Life, and made new friends within our Campus community. It was, by far, the most exciting year for me. I even went to Rome for the International Journal of Arts and Science (IJAS) to share and present a paper that my dear friends and I wrote. This paper was published internationally as well.

I found lifelong friends in college. I truly believe and have summed up that the friends you meet in college are the ones that will last forever. Not only do we all share a love for something we have in common (mostly literature), but as young adults, we had grown and matured together. I believe that people change, but I also believe that after a certain time, especially as adults, people cannot change completely. The friends I made in college have such hearts of gold and genuinely care for the community, our people, our future, and each other that I think we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

I am so grateful for all the memories and opportunities I was given to have went through my undergraduate career with such wonderful friends, teachers, and support along the way. I look forward to figuring out what my next step for higher education is. College is not for everyone, but it is definitely for me.


Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl

My Last First-Day

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Semester 2018. This is my last semester of undergraduate school. I have so many thoughts. Half of it is joy (because I have big plans right after commencement), the other half is sadness. I have been a student at my local university/college for five years. I have made the greatest friends in my college career, thus far, and I can’t stand the fact that I’ll be gone soon.

I am an English major, double-minoring in Anthropology and Gender & Women’s Studies. I just picked up the GWS minor because most of my english courses were cross-listed with GWS. I love what I learn. I love learning. I love listening to my fellow classmates share their knowledge, which furthers my own knowledge.

The word, “Professional Student,” comes to my mind. I swear, all I know, is being a student. I’m pretty good at it too. I like the rush of first week of classes, the craziness of last-minute papers, and the madness of finals week. Students band together, and we share this special awareness of what goes on within classroom settings, boards, events, etc. I love that, that is what I will miss the most!

And of course, the scariness of having to finally join the workforce. And paying those loans off — YIKES. I have most certainly thought about graduate school. I haven’t applied yet, but I intend to. The application fee is so high, Ugh, and I need to take the GRE too. Anyone else struggled with that as a soon-to-be graduate or a fresh-out-of–undergrad-school student?

I know my thoughts are so scattered on this post but I feel like I have a lot to say, but not enough energy to write. I still haven’t done readings for my anthropology course tomorrow… so maybe I should get to that. I’ll try and come back again some time this week! An elementary friend of mines is getting married on Saturday! Maybe, I’ll share some pictures of her wedding.

It’s been a pretty fantastic start to the new year (other than my sister’s car window being broken and my purse being stolen on the 1st) so far. I hope yours is going pretty great too!

Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing out,

Curly Island Girl