Self-Love: Stop Body-Shaming

Why do we shame our bodies? Why do we let our thoughts revolve around looking down on our bodies (which by the way, are so beautiful)? I had a conversation with a friend, last week, about the flaws that we have. We weren’t trying to one-up each other; this wasn’t that kind of conversation, but what we did do was go back and forth about what we hated about ourselves.

It made me sad, but I also realized that it’s important to talk about. We joke around about how society creates this impossible mold to fit. It’s not a taboo topic, we should talk about our bodies and we shouldn’t be ashamed. I get so hung up on the fact that the skin on my legs aren’t perfect, that my underarms are a little dark, that my teeth are crooked, that I’m hairy, that my butt isn’t big enough, and that my face is too oily, but I realize how important it is to love yourself. We are all going to fall short of our own expectations, but sometimes these expectations are impossible.

The thing is, is that society will always have a new norm of what “beautiful” means. Many decades ago, beauty was defined differently, and it will keep being redefined. But beauty should be everything. I wrote this a couple of years ago, in response to a picture I saw on social media, saying “Meat is for Men, Bones are for Dogs.” Here was my response and it still applies today. This is exactly how I feel about this. “First of all … STOP. Second of all … Why is it okay to bully the skinny ones too. Skinny, average, chubby, they’re all beautiful. So stop with the “men want more to hold on to.”  A man will choose whatever he wants. Society is stupid.” 

Who are we to judge each other? I know fat-shaming is a huge deal … but so is skinny-shaming. People forget that we all have flaws. I’ve met some of the most perfect looking people, who tell me that they do have flaws, it’s just that no one can see them. And that is also important to address. If we don’t talk about the flaws, then we expect everyone (including ourselves) to be absolutely flawless.

Over the past few years, I have been learning to love myself, and to love everyone else too. I think bodies are beautiful, no matter what shape or size. It’s a body! It’s functioning! How much more beautiful can that be?

Whoever you are out there reading this, you are beautiful and you are worth it (and yes, I do mean beautiful, men can be beautiful too). Talk about it, don’t be afraid. Odds are you’ll end up talking to someone who you thought was unblemished and flawless, but are really just human, and that is what makes that person even more beautiful. Does that even make sense? I think I’m kinda rambling right now, but what I mean is: Just talk about it. Look at yourself. Love yourself. Don’t be afraid because of what society says about your body. Be confident.


Happy Curl, Happy Girl

Signing off,

Curly Island Girl

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